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Priority Setting & Health Technology Assessment


Proposed Sustainability Checklist for Assessing Economic Recovery  by World Bank

A checklist of criteria to assess stimulus interventions or investments for a sustainable recovery from COVID-19.


HTA Glossary by International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA), Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi)

The purpose of the HTA Glossary is to give the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) community – both producers and users of health technology assessment information – a common vocabulary for work in this field. Available in English, French and Spanish.

HTA 101 by Goodman (NIH Library of Medicine)

Comprehensive introduction to HTA, from definition of concepts to recommendations.

HTA toolbox by Advance HTA

This “HTA Toolbox for Emerging Settings: Best Practices and Recommendations” is the result of several studies and reports that have been produced during three year. The aim of this practical HTA Toolbox is to outline best practices and include recommendations for emerging countries. Countries more experienced in this area will be the source of examples. This toolbox intends to support countries wishing to implement HTA as a tool for decision‐making processes.

HTA toolkit by iDSI

Toolkit to support technical staff from Ministries of Health and other government agencies by providing guidance on how to build a sustainable and locally HTA mechanism for priority setting in health.

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis for Health Care Decision Making – An Introduction: Report 1 by IPSOR

ISPOR established an Emerging Good Practices Task Force. The task force’s first report defined MCDA, provided examples of its use in health care, described the key steps, and provided an overview of the principal methods of MCDA. This second task force report provides emerging good-practice guidance on the implementation of MCDA to support health care decisions. The report includes: a checklist to support the design, implementation and review of an MCDA; guidance to support the implementation of the checklist; the order in which the steps should be implemented; illustrates how to incorporate budget constraints into an MCDA; provides an overview of the skills and resources, including available software, required to implement MCDA; and future research directions.

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis for Health Care Decision Making – Emerging Good Practices  by IPSOR

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Multicriteria Decision Analysis to Support Health Technology Assessment Agencies: Benefits, Limitations, and the Way Forward (methods paper by Balthussen et al.)

This article provides guidance on the use of MCDA in HTA. It was based on a systematic review and consensus development and developed a typology of MCDA studies and good implementation practice to improve its application.