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Tools and Methods

This section intends to support peers in the production and interpretation of health economics evidence on COVID. We put together a list of resources (guidance, methods, tools) about different methodological aspects, listing generic resources as well as COVID resources when available. Again, this list has been put together by members of our platform who have suggested resources based on their experience and does not intend to be exhaustive. We will seek to update this on a regular basis, please use the contact fill form if you wish to suggest a resource.

Costing tools

Learn about application of costing methods to plan, map resources, budget and conduct economic evaluation.

COVID open source models

Since the beginning of the pandemic, researchers have collaborated on a number of global COVID models. Those examples can help you shape your work.

Economic evaluation models

Economic evaluation can be used to inform resource allocation by comparing alternative courses of actions. Methods to conduct those are decade old and applications (esp in LMICs) have grown significantly.

Priority setting & HTA

Public payers have to allocate finite resources against multiple competing interventions. Priority setting approaches and tools can help make transparent and fair allocations.

Economic & Infectious disease modelling

Epi modelling used widely used to forecast COVID transmission under different scenarios. Economic models are used to inform resource allocation models. There are some interesting examples of bringing together those two types of models: learn more through our list.