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Article 20 April 2021

What does the COVID-19 experience teach us about using models for a policy response to pandemics: A perspective from the COVID-19 Multi-model Comparison Collaboration (CMCC)

Yot Teerawattananon , Kalipso Chalkidou , Raymond Hutubessy , Marelize Gorgens , David Wilson , Saudamini Dabak , Sarin KC , Christopher Painter , Thomas Wilkinson

The COVID-19 Multi-model Comparison Collaboration (CMCC) is a unique initiative that provides guidance and standards for policy use of COVID-19 models.
Blog post 15 April 2021

How we brought together this living repository of evidence

Y-Ling Chi

COVID-19 has probably been the single most researched topic in history. The production of scientific knowledge is unprecedented in its scale and speed: at its peak, about 2,400 papers were published each week on COVID (across all disciplines) (see We nearly now reached 80,000 pre-prints and peer reviewed papers. On top of this, we need to add the reports, working papers and news articles. We have put together a repository for health economics. Learn about how we identified, screened and logged in this research.